Community Rising

Our neighborhood is moving forward with change. Just watch!

Welcome home!

Our community is what we've made it to be.

We are proud of the community we are building. And now we introduce our community website to assist with keeping our neighbors informed.


This site is designed to provide information not only about what's going on in the community, but also to give helpful lawn, garden, and home advice. Please take a look at Fairington Farms HOA information regarding By-laws and Covenants. We encourage members of our community to submit sections and information for the newsletter and this site. Updates will be done as new information arises and as members provide information.


The Fairington Farms Community is located in Stonecrest, GA, just 20 minutes east of downtown Atlanta. Established in 2003, we are a fairly new but quaint and diverse community where neighbors can get to know each other on a daily basis.


We encourage you to become active in your Fairington Farms Home Owner's Association and all of your neighborhood events. After all, without you, we cannot have a community.


Board Membership Nominations
Nominations are now being accepted for Board Membership. This is the opportunity to bring ideas to the table. Be a part of the process to help further improve our community. Advocate for what you’d like to see. Print and fill out this form at the link, and notify the Board of your interest in voluntering.
Walking Club
The Walking Club is in full gear now with regularly scheduled walks throughout our community. It's a chance to exercise, get to know your neighbors, and tour our beautiful neighborhood. Don't hesitate - there's always an opportunity to make time for good health. If you are interested, please email

Why Choose Walking?
  • Walking is the easiest form of exercise to stay fit. It is convenient because it can be done almost anywhere and anytime, whether you’re walking to class or down the street.
  • Walking is exercise but can also be used as a social event, going with a family member or friend, or can be done alone and become a time of reflection.
  • It is safe for all ages. This is because in comparison to other exercise methods, walking puts less strain to the lower back and creates less stress on your joints such as your hips, knees, ankles. It is also more grounded and balanced.
  • Walking is available to anyone. It is an exercise that doesn’t require expensive equipment or the use of a gym.

Photo of Walking Club Members
Neighborhood Watch

Random patrols are conducted day and night. We are also able to offer as a courtesy, added security upon request for those going on vacation and wishing to have their homes watched even more often. The neighborhood watch is not made of just those patrolling. The entire community is the Neighborhood Watch. That means anyone who notices suspicious activity in our community should be calling 911 first, and second - summoning their Block Captain. Read more

2017 HOA Meeting Schedule for the Community

Please plan to attend:

March 18th Saturday 10:30AM

July 29th Saturday 10:30AM

October 21st 10:30AM

December 16th Saturday 10:30AM

The meeting announcement sign will still continue to be used in the front of the community. This schedule may change by a few days subject to space availability at the Salem Road Public Library at 5137 Salem Road Stonecrest, GA 30038 - 770.987.6900.

Important County Services
  • HOA Management Company: Contact Clayton Hicks at 770-949-5663 ext. 300. Or email Clayton Hicks at
  • Code and Ordinance Enforcement for Stonecrest: (770) 224-0200 to report violations.
    Their email address is
  • Traffic Engineering: 404-294-2363
  • Roads & Drainage: 404-297-3840
  • Report Broken Street Light to Snapping Shoals: 770-786-3484.
  • Sanitation: 404-294-2903
  • Watershed Mgmt Billing: 404-378-4475
  • Planning & Sustainability: 404-371-4915
  • Commissioner: Mereda Davis Johnson at 404-371-2159
Vacant Property Registry

DeKalb County Launches the Vacant Property Registry. DeKalb County has a new way for vacant property owners and citizens to report vacant homes and prevent their neighborhoods from becoming blighted.

Contact: 404-371-2289

Animal Control

Please call 404-294-2996 x5 to request field service. Field service during normal hours of operation includes:

  • Stray animals; leash law violations
  • Cruelty or neglect of animals
  • Animal bites; dangerous or vicious animals
  • Excessive animal noise