Community Rising

Our neighborhood is moving forward with change. Just watch!

About Us

Fairington Farms Home Owners Association is an incorporated non-profit, tax-exempt, homeowners association. The covenants and by-laws of Fairington Farms require each household to be a member in the Owners Association. Annual dues are $195.00.

We encourage you to become active in Fairington Farms Home Owner's Association and all of your neighborhood events. After all, without you, one cannot have a community. Sign up today to be on one of our many committees that are developing. By working together, we can continue to make this community one of the best places to live in Stonecrest.

Elijah Ajayi


Sonya Davis

Vice President

Barbara White-Bell


Donna Priest-Brown

Member At Large



To contact the Board for hearings, settlement, or general questions - please use the contact us page.