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HOA Committees

Neighborhood Standards Committee

Chairperson: Open

The primary purpose of the Neighborhood Standards Committee is to enforce reasonable rules and regulations to include: Bylaws, Declaration of Covenants, County Ordinances, other rules and regulations of the Association.

Every owner and occupant shall comply with the Declaration, Bylaws and rules and regulations of the Association. Any lack of compliance shall entitle the Association to take action to enforce the terms of the Declaration, Bylaws or rules and regulations governing the conduct, use, and enjoyment of lots in the community.

This committee shall have the power to impose reasonable fines, which shall constitute a lien upon the Owner's lot, and to suspend an Owner's right to vote for violation of any duty imposed under the Declaration, Bylaws, or any rules and regulations duly adopted hereunder; provided, however, nothing herein shall authorize the Association or the Board of Directors to limit ingress and egress to or from a lot. For further information and issues of concern please review this document carefully.

Beautification Committee

Chairperson: Open

The primary purpose of the Beautification Committee is to preserve the beauty and aesthetics of the community landscapes by providing recommendations for foliage arrangements and other enhancements in and around the front entrance and other common areas within the community.

Holiday Decorations Committee

Chairperson: Open

The Holiday Decorations Committee consists of a group of volunteers appointed by the FFHOA Board, who arrange and implement the Holiday Lighting at the entrance area of Fairington Farms. The committee, with the help of interested individuals or groups, physically puts up and takes down all the lights on the signs, shrubs and trees. Lights are usually installed the weekend following Thanksgiving, and are removed the first week of January.

Architectural Control Committee

Chairperson: Open

The primary purpose of the Architectural Control Committee (ACC) is to protect and preserve property values in the subdivision by maintaining architectural and aesthetic harmony and compatibility among the lots and the structures on the lots in the community.

All structural changes to include decks, painting, room additions, etc. should be submitted to the ACC for approval before any project is started. If you are unsure of the proper procedure for submitting a project for approval, please contact the ACC for assistance.

Hospitality Committee

Chairpersons: Open

The primary purpose of the Hospitality Committee is to plan and implement social events in an effort to bring residence closer together as a community. It is also responsible for welcoming new residents to the community.

Block Captains for Neighborhood Watch

Chairperson: Open

This person is an integral component to keeping his assigned section of home owners actively involved in crime prevention efforts as well as the important process of information exchange between neighbors. Your position as a Block Captain does not give you any law enforcement authority. You are simply the person who facilitates the unity of the group, distributes information, and coordinates activities. We strongly suggest that you not confront an offender unless you are in immediate danger. We do not want anyone to get hurt or injured trying to apprehend an offender or interfering with an incident. Your responsibility would be to immediately report the activity to the police. If you or your neighbors witness a crime in progress or observe suspicious behavior, quickly call 911.

Random daily patrols are conducted. Be On the Look Out! As we all know, having a SAFE & SECURE neighborhood is one of the most important objectives of a home association, but it takes all us (residents) to make that happen. We are asking each and every resident to take responsibility for maintaining a Safe & Secure subdivision. "Be On the Look Out" for members of the neighborhood watch program who are gathering information to help make our community a pleasant place to come home to. Read more about what makes up a good Neighborhood Watch! Find out about our Block Captains.