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HOA Mailing Address:

P.O. Box 1053

Stonecrest, GA 30058

For Questions:

Speak to the HOA Support Department at 404-907-2112

Online Payment Instructions

This document will detail instructions on how to make online payments effective August 15th, 2020. Please read!

Payment questions regarding your HOA dues & accounting:
Call Beacon Management Services HOA Support Department at 404-907-2112.


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For Security Camera Footage:

Call 678-651-4648

Please call between the hours of 10AM and 5PM

Leave a message for quick response.

Requests that do not involve a crime will not be fulfilled. It is important that you call immediately after an event. You will need a flash drive capable of storing at least 10GB to save the video.

Requests for video footage are only provided under the following conditions:
  • Person requesting footage must be a resident of Fairington Farms, or police investigating a crime.
  • Time stamp or period must be provided(from when, to when exactly).
  • Provide best description of vehicle in question if known.
  • Resident must provide their own 10GB to 32GB flash drive to be given a copy of video. The Board may provide a temporary download link as a courtesy.
  • TERMS OF USE: The security camera footage is a courtesy, not a legal obligation to homeowners from the HOA. Each homeowner is responsible for securing their property – not the HOA. The HOA reserves the right to withhold footage until a police report is provided to the Board proving a crime has been committed. The HOA is not responsible for the quality of footage resulting in non-arrest or inability to litigate. We do not conduct random video searches. We do not begin searches without knowing specifically what to look for in video, or without specific time frames. We do not provide days of footage to owners unless requested directly from police in writing. With respect to privacy laws, we never conduct live surveillance, or track anyone for personal reasons! Any personal request not involving a crime will not be fulfilled. Due to outside conditions (weather, available lighting, position of vehicle exiting or entering subdivision, etc.) within the camera view area, best video quality cannot be guaranteed. The camera system is checked weekly to ensure working conditions, however unforeseen technical difficulties may prevent footage from being pulled, and so footage is not always guaranteed.