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Our Neighborhood is moving forward with change. Just watch!


Welcome Home!

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Our community is what we've made it to be.


We are proud of the community we are building. And now we introduce our community website to assist with keeping our neighbors informed.


This site is designed to provide information not only about what's going on in the community, but also to give helpful lawn, garden, and home advice. Please take a look at Fairington Farms HOA information regarding By-laws and Covenants. We encourage members of our community to submit sections and information for the newsletter and this site. Updates will be done as new information arises and as members provide information.


The Fairington Farms Community is located in Stonecrest, GA, just 20 minutes east of downtown Atlanta. Established in 2003, we are a fairly new but quaint and diverse community where neighbors can get to know each other on a daily basis.


We encourage you to become active in your Fairington Farms Home Owner's Association and all of your neighborhood events. After all, without you, we cannot have a community

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Top 5 Neighborhood Tips

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Do not place trash cans in front of your home. Store in the garage or on the side of your home, out of plain sight.

Park in the driveway or garage of your home only. Avoid county parking tickets and HOA fines for parking routinely on the street.

Keep grass trimmed and edged. And prune shrubs

Maintain Pine Straw and Mulch within flowerbeds

External changes to your home require an Architectural Request

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