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HOA Dues

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*** Please note, if your account is in collections, the HOA Board and Beacon can no longer communicate directly with you regarding your account. All communications has to go through Alliance or the attorney.

To date, annual HOA dues are $195.00 and are payable upon receipt of bill via this site, or mail a physical check or money order to the PO Box listed below. Late fees or unpaid dues are charged 10% per annual or special assessment ($19.50).


Delinquency for Annual Assessments, Special Annual Assessments, and any late fees pertaining to either are reported to Equifax and appear on homeowner's credit report. Current balances for annual assessments are also reported.


Annual HOA Dues are invoiced to homeowner's during the first quarter of every year. You should expect a bill either by email or physically mailed the in December of the previous year.


A financial report is provided at every community meeting. To obtain a copy of the latest financial report, please contact the board via the contact form.


Make HOA payments in the following ways:


You can pay via:
- Online through your Vantaca Portal (strongly suggested)
- Online through your own banking institution
- Online through Union Bank


Please remember you will need to set up your account with Vantaca to make a payment and access your account information. 

Payment questions regarding your HOA dues & accounting:

Speak to the HOA Support Department at 404-907-2112


Click HERE to Setup Account : 


Beacon Management Services does not have access to your banking or credit card information. Speak to the HOA Support Department at 404-907-2112 if you have further questions. IMPORTANT for Online Payments: You have several convenient options to pay your association dues. But first you will need to create an account using your email address and account number stated from the notice you should have received by now via mail. If you have not received a notice please contact Beacon Management Services at 404-907-2112 to request information.


IMPORTANT for Mailing Payment: If you are mailing a payment, please include your account number on your payment. Call 404-907-2112 to obtain. Please add your account number to your payment! Payments must be mailed to the following address:


Fairington Farms Homeowner Association, Inc.
c/o Beacon Management Services
PO Box 531249
Atlanta, GA 30353

Online Payment Instructions:

This document will detail instructions on how to make online payments effective August 15th, 2020. Please read!

RMS was hired by the Fairington Farms Board to monitor and administer rental activity in the community. As part of that process we work closely with Beacon Management to conduct routine occupancy audits of the community, to gather certain rental-related information for the Board, and to address any leasing issues that arise.


Owners in Fairington Farms who wish to rent out their homes may do so, subject to the conditions outlined in Article VI, Section 8 of the covenants (conditions which include a 6 months (all terms) minimum lease term).


Owners who rent out their homes must also provide the Board with certain rental-related information (a copy of the lease agreement and tenant contact information), and they must pay the association an annual $249 leasing administration fee.

Payment questions regarding your HOA dues & accounting:

Speak to the HOA Support Department at 404-907-2112

Leasing (RMS)

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Dues pay for :

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  • Attorney Fees & Retainer

  • Landscaping – Front Entrance and Common Areas

  • PO Box Rental

  • Security Camera(s) electrical, internet access and maintenance.

  • Taxes, Property (Common Areas)

  • Electrician for the monument lights

  • Security Camera Technician cost

  • Paper, Printing, Stamps, Envelopes for Mailings

  • Certified Mailings

  • Signage

  • Social Activities (budget permitting)

  • Management Company monthly fees

  • Constant Contact Email Account

  • Website Annual Domain Registration and Hosting

  • Venue Space Rentals for meetings

  • Mandatory Liability Insurance

  • Front Entrance Lighting Electricity

  • Water bill from sprinkler system (summer months).

  • Storage Unit Rental

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